Our dentists make every effort to preserve your natural teeth. However, extractions are necessary when the tooth is damaged, when decay has made the tooth unsalvageable or when you have an advanced periodontal disease. When a tooth is malformed, damaged, impacted or ingrown, different procedures are used, but all extractions are considered surgery. Depending on which tooth is removed, you can consider a replacement in the form of a dental implant or oral prosthetic.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If problematic, it may become necessary for your wisdom teeth to be removed. The common reasons for removal include recurring gum infections caused by partially erupted wisdom teeth, difficulty in cleaning, pain and potential damage to adjacent healthy molars. During your oral exam, we can assess the condition of your wisdom teeth and if needed we will refer you for a full-mouth OPG x-ray to further investigate the best method for removal.

Dr Pablo Regueiro is our resident wisdom teeth removal dentist who has extensive experience with wisdom teeth and surgical removals from his work in the New Zealand Defence Force and is also a Lecturer and Clinical Supervisor at the University of Queensland, School of Dentistry in the Oral Surgery Department.