Dental fillings are used to prevent the spread of tooth decay and to restore damaged/decayed teeth. A filling is just one of the ways our dentists maintain your dental and oral health. Before placement, any decay must be removed. Local anesthesia is used to ensure maximum comfort for our patients. There are two main types of fillings: amalgam (or known as silver fillings) and white composite resin. The color of the later can superbly match natural teeth. At our practice we only use white composite fillings.

Composite Resin

Composite resin bonds to the tooth and come with a wide range of natural tooth shades. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options and is what we offer for our patients. Composite resin is ideal for cavity fillings of either back and front teeth, repairing chipped or broken teeth, filling in a tooth gap, correcting dental discoloration, protecting any exposed tooth root from gum recession, or changing the shape of teeth. Talk to us if you have any cosmetic concerns.; they could be simply corrected using some composite fillings.

Before & After CompositeAesthetic Restoration